Finding our identity can help unlock finding our purpose

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In 2009, Simon Sinek gave one of the most-watched Ted Talks ever given with his How Great Leaders Inspire Action Speech. His talk was followed by his Start With Why book in 2011 and started a movement among leaders who began rethinking how they were going to lead and individuals who sought out to define their “why”.

I am a big believer in defining our “why” i.e. our purpose. I have the pleasure of being able to work with individuals and organizations in helping them define their “why”. I myself had to go on a journey to discover my own…

Four Stages to Design Your Best Life

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In exactly 8-days my wife and I will be moving from the 3,700 square foot home where we raised our kids and have occupied for the last 10 years and will be moving to a 335 square foot 5th wheel RV trailer. To say this is quite a shift is an understatement. When you reduce your living space by more than 90% you find out quickly what you need to keep, trash, donate, or sell.

As the move-out/move-in date gets closer we have encountered many who have expressed well wishes and more than a few who have told us, “we…

We can be happy if we choose

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There is little doubt that most, if not all, are glad to be done with the difficulty that was 2020. A global pandemic, financial crisis, unemployment, and political uncertainty made it a year where angst, anger, depression, and worry seemed to take center stage. With all that was, 2021 brings with it hope for something new, an about-face from what we knew, and hope that this year will be different.

As I watched the New Years’ Eve celebrations with friends and family, much different than those from years past, I was struck by one response to the question of “what…

As Trump Assaults Democracy His Enablers Stay Quiet

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It has been a month since Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the Presidential Election. Since that proclamation from numerous media outlets, we have seen Republican and Democrat state officials certify the votes that have indeed shown that Joe Biden was the clear winner in the 2020 bid for the Presidency.

There have also been statements from his own appointed (now former due to being fired by Trump) Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security for the Department of Homeland Security, Chris Krebs, and Bill Barr, his own Attorney General stating there is no evidence of widespread…

How to Ensure Corporate Meetings Have Value

They may be the most dreaded words heard or read in business today . . .

You Have Been Invited to a Meeting.

Long before The Office exposed the uselessness of most meetings, those of us who have held corporate jobs have come to understand that by and large meetings fail to meet their objective — if there is a stated objective. Meetings are far too frequent, run far too long and many times serve only the needs of the one who scheduled it.

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While it will be impossible to ever eliminate meetings from the corporate world, there are some…

The glare of the election has shown what we as a country have lost

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It has been just over 24-hours since the first polls closed on the Presidential election and it seems that it will be a few more days and lawsuits before we all know who the next President of the United States will be.

While nearly half of the populous disappointed with the final outcome, the reality is that collectively there have been numerous losses that we all have endured and those losses have been exposed brilliantly during this election season.

We Have Lost Decency, Respect & Civil Discourse

It does not seem all that long ago where differing opinions, thought-provoking conversations…

What great brands do to set themselves apart from their competition

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It was not that long ago that I was sitting with the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), the Head of Digital Marketing, the Vice-President of Inside Sales, and others for an enterprise telecom company. We had just finished a morning session of reviewing an assessment that had been conducted on their demand generation and inside sales performance.

The assessment, among other things, showed that their inside sales reps were vastly underperforming as their win rates were in the low single digits.

The CRO insisted that they needed to differentiate, they needed to be able to stand out from the competition.


How to Know What Voices Merit Your Attention

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Last week I received an unexpected text from a family member asking me if I had time to talk. I let her know I had some openings the next day and I would be glad to talk then. Given I had not spoken to her in almost a year and she was unwilling to give me a clue as to the reason for her wanting to connect, I was uncertain as to the topic of the conversation.

The next day the phone rang at the expected time and after some shallow chit chat, she began to share with me her…

The impact of the continual news cycle and social media on mental & emotional health

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I saw the text come through and upon opening was met with a blaze of commentary about a political figure. The text was a screenshot followed by “Dangerous idiot. Malevolently incompetent”. This is one of many texts I have received from friends, in addition to numerous Facebook and Twitter posts. And lest you think I am judging, I have been guilty of doing the same . . . until recently.

Over the last few weeks, I have taken the steps to remove myself from the cesspool of continual negative stimulation that is social media and news applications — a 28%…

Being anti-abortion does not make you pro-life

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We are just 63 days away from the next presidential election and while there are many policies and positions being debated, it is with clockwork precision that the issue of abortion has now come back into focus; that is if I use my Facebook feed of many of my evangelical friends as any indicator.

Just over the weekend, I have seen numerous posts and proclamations of voting one specific way, because of one issue . . . abortion; with many of these posts including #prolife. And this is where I find it gets interesting; equating an anti-abortion stance with being…

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